Going for a tried and tested classic this Sunday morning.  White tee & blue jeans. Tomboy chic.  It's so simple - why don't I do this more often?

H&M White Tee
New Look Straight Leg Jeans
Primark Tan Woven Belt

I guess we spend so much time thinking how we can be different and how we can stand out day to day with what we wear that we forget about the basics some times.  This slouchy tee from H&M has the perfect shape around the neck with a gentle scoop so it's still feminine and stops me looking like a "bloke".  I just wish I could find the same cut in a grey marl.  My wardrobe is crying out for a classic grey marl tee in a similar fit. If you see one, please give me a holler.  Thank you (mustn't forget my manners).

Susie Ho Lace Button Bracelet

I've got my own design bracelet on.  Close up coming .......

Love this etched lace design on the button.

And some Ugg Tasmina Flip Flops.  Stand back .... picture of feet coming up.

That's as close as you need to get!

I'm sticking with my dark grey Collection 2000 All That Jazz nail varnish - it goes on so easily compared to my numerous wipe on wipe off attempts with my Chanel Black Pearl varnish which drives me to distraction as I know it's lovely - it just doesn't go on well.  I also tried a bright coral red a couple of weeks ago to get myself into the summer mood which looked nice but it wasn't me so it came off the next day and now I'm back with my grungey grey tones - which go with everything in my wardrobe.

The sun is out and the boys walked down to the train station first thing to see the steam train passing by and came back bearing dandelion gifts for me.  I try to look upon dandelions as a gift of love rather than a weed accompanied by the old folklore that they make you wee the bed - it's good to try to see the positive in everything ;o)

A gift of love .... not a powerful diuretic!

And then it all descended in to carnage and much hair tearing from adults.  

I hope you're all having a nice weekend!


  1. Just the sort of look I love, effortless style in my book, might wear the same myself tomorrow!

    1. This was just so comfortable for a day of not doing much. The not doing much ended up in the York outlet - woo hoo! So perfect outfit for going in to changing rooms too - only 1 layer to peel off and no buttons or zips.

  2. I loved this look. I did exactly the same for my sunday outfit (tomboy),although with many more layers! Nothing beats some loose comfortable jeans. Hapy Monday!

    xx Mandi

    1. Oh I know - is the weather really cold where you are? We have had a little sun this past week and it has made such a difference. I love slouchy jeans especially in the summer months. In winter, it's skinnies mainly so I can tuck in to boots ... for the school run.

  3. I'm still trying to find a pair of boyfriend jeans. Rather desperately, I might add without having to pay for the extortionate amount they charge here in the UK. Can't agree more about the t-shirt and jeans combo. I love grey marl tees. I'm always more nervous when I'm wearing white because I have a tendency to mark ANYTHING!

  4. I can't complain and I have been lucky that all my jeans have been as cheap as chips. In my case if you find a pair that fit, you like the look - go for it regardless of where they're from and how much they cost. Jeans are some of the hardest things you can buy and get right.

  5. Love jeans with a belt, my favourite - but I'm always too lazy to put one on. You have a similar look to my favourite Mum here who has the quintessential Cali vibe.

    1. The belt is purely to stop any potential knicker flashing as the jeans get looser and looser throughout the day. I would prefer not to wear a belt but I'm afraid with this pair it's a necessity. I like your new profile photo - super glam!

  6. Your jeans fit perfectly. They look great on you.

    I would like to find a pair of boyfriend jeans but I've kind of given up. They never look quite right on me.

    1. I'm always on the lookout for the next pair of jeans but I always seem to default to the above pair for the weekends as they are just comfortable and they are getting worn in nicely now so they become softer and softer. They have that nice relaxed feel to them instead of the rigidness of a new pair. Thank you for popping past. The photos on your blog are lovely - I've been reading on the quiet :o) since Marlene introduced you.

  7. I can never photograph jeans and tees so good, even if my outfit for that particular day seems great in the mirror, it's like my lens refuses to translate the scene;)

    I love the colour of those jeans - a decent pair of straight legs are on my wishlist right now. I was wondering about the Boden jeans, for I can't find straight leg jeans anywhere else at the moment. The toes look great, too. I've been sporting a Topshop burgundy shade for about 3 months now. I just can't be bothered changing up the look.

    I used to try to make giant daisychains out of dandelions when I was a child. The stems would always split and the heads were too heavy ... a bittersweet nostalgia!

    1. I never know what these pictures in the mirror are going to turn out like. Sometimes I take them and they are just that little bit too fuzzy to subject someone to but sometimes they just about pass. I think this one is one of my slightly clearer ones but I think that must be to do with me switching to using the photo editor on the Apple instead of the hubs PC which I broke not so long ago (not a very happy man - I lost all his music collection he'd been building up) and I daren't go back on it :o(

      I always look at the jeans in New Look for the simple reason, they have the right leg length for me 28" - I am a bit of a shortie. And sometimes they have some nice finishes and nearly always a straight cut pair. I go for the plainest I can find with as little stitching detail as possible to keep it simple.

      I've found what works for me this year toes wise - greys. Last year it was taupes - Chanel Particuliere and Barry M's Mushroom. Two ends of the scale but almost identical shades and the cheap went on as well as the expensive.

      I guess daisy chains are daisy chains for a reason and not dandelion chains - but yes, that takes me back.

  8. My 2 favourite t-shirts are actually from H&M. I got them 2 or 3 summers ago for almost nothing and they are just perfect. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to find the same model again.

    Your bracelet is gorgeous! I'd pay for one like that. After seeing this I'm sure you can replicate the tassels necklace I posted. xx

    1. The thing I find gutting is I'm sure H&M do the same tee in a grey marl but I can't get an X-Small anywhere. They are loose fit so the small is too big and it needs to be an X-Small. But I will keep looking - it's worth it for £4.99!

      If you're interested in the bracelet - just drop me an email to Princesstingting1@hotmail.com and I will sort something out for you. I do sell them but I've just been a bit lax about getting myself started up again. My work table has become the arts and craft table for the boys over the summer! I'm still thinking about setting up on Etsy but not done anything about it yet.


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