Sunday, 15 October 2017

Fake It If You Can Make It

Jumper (my design) on Woolovers Jumper
MiH Jane Jeans (old)

You know how at the beginning of the year, I was all over the Lingua Franca jumpers till I made my own here? Well then I moved on to the Hades jumpers. After seeing Julia from Stylonylon wearing her Unrequited Love one, I decided to make my own. Well there is no way I can embroider like that but I know a man who can!

So I mocked up my design .....

And took it to the embroidery man along with my Woolovers merino cashmere jumper which I'd ordered for the purpose. I showed him the picture and although he only had two script fonts, luckily one of them was suitable. And then he told me to go and disappear for half an hour which I duly did in to the nearest H&M as it was just opposite. I'm going to be honest, I was pooping my pants incase this turned out bad but as it was, it turned out brilliant. Cue big beaming smiley face when I saw it. 

And it cost me £10 for the embroidery. WELL WORTH IT.

So do you like? I'm chuffed.

But if you don't have the time or inclination or know a man who can embroider, here's a few of the nicest ones around - from the expensive to the affordable Sugarhill Boutique ones.

I'm rather liking the Ille de Cocos one - do you think I could make that???


Last Note :

  • I used Kustom Stitch for my embroidery. If you want a font which they don't have on site, they will need to create a new plate to do the embroidery and that will cost you a lot. I'd go with what they have if I were you! 

Friday, 13 October 2017

Friday Five : 13 October 2017

Hi, it's that fun Friday time again!

Friday Five (1 of 5) Sezane Jumper of Dreams

I ordered a top from Sezane a couple of years ago and sold it on as I had to admit it was a little neat on me. I haven't ordered anything since till now. My Leopold jumper arrived this week and this was one of those makes you squeal type purchases when you open the box. I'm in love. I'm in big love. I'm not returning this.

Friday Five  (2 of 5) Supermarket Superstar

Following on from last week and the above purchase, as you may or not have guessed, I'm on a jumper bender at the moment. They've been flying in and out of SoSo Towers like I don't know. Just as I think I'm committing to one, something else comes along and another gets returned to make way for the latest in favour item. Anyway, I had to try this one on that I spotted as I sped through Sainsburys. I just loved the colours on the yoke - it's a great jumper for dressing up and down. Perfect for country walks with jeans tucked in to a pair of wellies or boots. Sassy with a leather mini and opaques. And dress up with a pair of straight cut jeans and a pair of heels and a natty clutch - a bit like I how I styled a few years back below.

Dec 2014

Friday Five (3 of 5) Working Out My Style

I'm thinking of getting this book. Is it any good? Do I need this book? Anyone got it? I think I sort of know my style and what I like but I do like to read other people's thoughts on being at one with yourself and what works for you. I hear there's a chapter on flat shoes - I think that will be a good one.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Pink

Primark Pink Dress (instore)

Anyone spotted this in Primark yet? Yes it's Primark! Is pink your thing? Pink can be my thing but not this shade of pink as I found when I tried it on. I have to say, it was pretty pukey on me but I know on the right person, this is going to be stunning. If you find it, if you buy it, if you look amazing in it, tag me and let me know eh? I'll live vicariously through your pink hued dress dreams.

Friday Five (5 of 5) Pound Coins

Don't forget to get rid of your old pound coins before Sunday as that's the official date for when they will no longer be accepted. I went round the house today and rounded up 30 of the little beggars after a quick turf of every drawer and handbag and coat pocket. That's a new purchase right there! Actually it went on this skirt as I had to spend the coins right? Anyway, if I recall correctly from the morning news at the beginning of the week, I think Poundland will still be taking in the old coins till the end of the month. Last chance.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Quick OOTD : 12/10/17 Basic

H&M Skirt (old but linked similar below)

Pretty basic.


I thought I'd wear a skirt today as the sun was shining in the lovely blue sky when I looked out of my window. And then I went out on the school run and I thought "Pfft - fooled again! It's blumming freezing!" But I did it and then changed back in to my joggy bots pretty pronto.

Just throwing up a few looks there around how to style the tube skirts for casual wear. I've got my eye on those pink Nike Internationalist trainers because it's another year down the line and I'm still hankering after pink trainers. I should really just get on with it. And for anyone who likes the OTT glamour of some of the Gucci sneakers out there, ASH do a slightly more modestly priced version which could give them a run for their money.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Quick OOTD : 09/10/17 Berry Stripes

Topshop Mohair Jumper (old)
H&M Velvet Ballet Pumps (in store)

I have a cold and a cough. You just can't tell from a photo can you?


The Esprit jumper is the closest I could find to my jumper in colours but I love that it's got silver lurex trims which just jazzes it up a little. And that Orla bag - I love the colours on that!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Friday Five : 06 October 2017

Friday Five (1 of 5) The Colour Purple

& Other Stories Leo Jacquard Jumper (wearing a small here)

I've not been in & Other Stories for a while and the one in Leeds isn't huge actually, it carries a lot less stock than say the Manchester one which I visited earlier this year. And I shouldn't complain because at least we do actually have one in Leeds now but all the things you see on line? Can't find them. But I did find this black and purple leopard jumper which I was strangely taken with. It's a little bit punk isn't it and I am so not punky at all. Actually I don't think punky is a real word - the spellchecker is having a fight with me over it. Now I've bought it in the medium because I was thinking it might be nice a little slouchy but having looked online, the models wear it a bit neater. So now I might have to go back and swap it. Pfft.

Friday Five (2 of 5) Nanna

Heel Foam Cushions from Poundland (the glamour)

I'm such a nanna. As in Gra-nanna. And I prefer to have a little bit of cushioning in my shoes these days since I started with some heel pain which I mentioned some time back. It's almost gone now - something to do with me doing a lot less walking and I can manage my ballet flats again but I'm still a bit wary of exacerbating anything, so I found myself looking for things to cushion the impact of when my heels hit the floor. And I found these little cushion wedges in the pound shop. I just pop them in and they just take the edge off a little when I'm pounding pavements. I have fleecy insoles in some shoes and these wedges in others. Just so you know, you are highly unlikely to find them in my flat lays in general as they're not that aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But because we're friends, I thought I'd share. Just this time.

Friday Five (3 of 5) Jigsaw Outlet

Jigsaw is a little on the pricey side for my budget at full price but when the sales happen, you can nab a bargain or eight.

The pyjamas - these are £19! £19 I repeat. In a lovely soft grey melange yarn. Your winter nights just got that much cosier. And if you're not a pj girl - well think ahead to Christmas - present for anyone? I had to throw in that navy jumper too - a big cosy navy jumper just waiting to give you a big hug. It comes in at less than Topshop prices now that it's in the sale. And the belt - all those midi dresses which need a little definition around the middle - now isn't that a nice belt to do the job. You're welcome.

Friday Five (4 of 5) Sweatshirt 

I love a sweatshirt as you know but did you know I don't have a pink one. Do I need a pink one? Do I need that one up there? For the weekend? Mulling it over. Mulling it over. I don't really need one do I? But I don't have a pink one. Mulling, mulling, mulling. 

Friday Five (5 of 5) Mid Life Crisis

I bought some make up today. It's the first eyeliner I've bought in two years. Azure plum. I blame it on buying that purple leopard jumper.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Village England Jewellery

I don't normally say much on IG. Infact I say very little as I feel too weirded out talking on my phone and never think I sound normal or natural. But I did do a little spiel a couple of weeks ago to talk about my new Fencote earrings from Village England. Yes, Village England who make handbags, have also started doing a nice little line in jewellery. And they're a little bit different aren't they? I've been meaning to get in to wearing a little more jewellery because sometimes you just feel that little bit "nek-kid" going unadorned and need that finishing touch. The size and style of these Fencote earrings are just perfect. Not too big but just statement enough. 

I've been wearing them on and off and I have to say, the Fencotes are very me. Thy're not too in your face and don't catch in your hair and normally when I put a pair of earrings on, I become an earring fiddler extraordinaire but not with these. But if they're a little too shy and retiring for you, you need to have a look at the rest of the designs. If you want statement, you go for the Everleigh Large Sail Earrings below. Those are  perfect for a chic pared down look - think Sofia Coppola on a night out in a black tux jacket and a pair of these on her lobes dancing around her handbag. (or maybe you can forget the dancing around the handbag bit) but you get the picture ;)


Anyway, hop over here to have a look at the rest of the collection - it's lovely. Would I lie to you?

* Earrings c/o Village England

Monday, 2 October 2017

Black Velvet

F&F Velvet Blazer (old)
Zara Top (old)
M&S Petite Slim Jeans
Mulberry Camera Bag (old)

Sometimes when I'm in a need of a bit of retail therapy at the weekend, I say I need to do a bit of a food shop and I make some excuse that I can't get the branded cereal that the hubs likes at the Aldi and that I have to wander further afield to a bigger supermarket. Like the big 24 hour Tescos which also happens to have clothes. Anyway, on one of those food shops last year, I came across my black velvet blazer. Whoop a whoop and an extra whoop! Now the whooping is because I have always had a little black velvet jacket in my wardrobe but my existing one was a little shorter in the body and I wanted a more blazer style for everyday wear. Hence the whooping when I found it. And cue more whooping because autumn is here and it's the perfect season for velvet blazers. Look how easy they are to wear - Alexa loves hers!

Source : Pinterest (Various)

If you need any more convincing about the merits of a black velvet blazer, see below. I'd like everything on here please!

That white Monsoon shirt actually has some military frogging details which just makes it a little different from the Victoriana styles around and gives it a little edge. Oh and I love my Mulberry camera bag and I never tire of the design but I'm always on the lookout for another which I can have as a backup - mine's a good few years old and I just want to go a bit easy on it. The Rebecca Minkoff  looks to be a similar size and has a whiff of the Balenciaga City Bag about it without the price tag. That's no bad thing.