I fell in love with these clog sandals the first time I clapped eyes on them on Instagram. But I was rational and talked myself out of them. I had no need for them and they would not be a pair of shoes I would automatically reach for or want to wear often and so I left them lingering and loitering in the back of my mind. And then just the other day, I was in a shop trying on lots of different shoes when I thought to myself - for a couple of pairs of shoes in here - I could have one pair that would bring me much greater joy and happiness. Oh welcome Suzanne!

Are they comfy? I know they don't look it and I won't lie - they are not the comfiest but they are not the worst offender in my shoe cupboard - far from it. It's not because of the height despite these being in the realms of the Sky High league on the Swedish Hasbeen site. And it's not because they are hard under foot (not hard at all actually) with the footbed being made of wood - that doesn't seem to come in to it either. It's because the natural grain leather is a little rigid and I think it may take a few wears before they soften up and come in to their own. Or at least I hope I'm right in that way of thinking. Usually I take no prisoners with my feet but every now and then, I am prepared to "try" a little more with a pair of shoes if I love them enough. However, I can say this - they are comfier than some of the other thin soled heels I have so that's a good start. Oh yes and let's not forget! They are beautifully made ... by hand.

I wore them today and I felt totally girly despite wearing "boyish" clothing. I think they take an average outfit and give them a bit of a lift. I even got a whit whoo from a fellow mum who saw me clip clopping along in the playground today.

Uniqlo Shirt (old), Gap Skinny Mini Skimmer Khakis (old), Swedish Hasbeens Suzanne (current)

And what I've also noticed when I wear them, is I want to sing :

I saw a mouse!
There on the stair?
Where on the stair?
Right there!
A little mouse with clogs on
Well I declare!
Going clip-clippety-clop on the stair
Oh yeah!

Because I am an utter child.


Last Note :

  • The best price for the Suzannes can be found here
  • The tan and black pair that I have are fantastic for tricking the eye and elongating the leg due to the tan panel at the front of the shoe. This is the best way for me to wear black sandals without them looking too heavy on me.
  • Lotta from Stockholm also do a good selection of clogs at a keener price here.
  • Any clog lovers out there?

Maje Sweatshirt (2014)
MiH Jane Jeans (no longer available)
Primark White Bag (current but no link)
Adidas Stan Smiths (still available)

These MiH Jane jeans are literal mom jeans. They are fantastic for gardening (no knicker flashing), they come right up to my belly button (no muffin top) and they are very comfy (showing my age). 

I did say they were mom jeans. Gah!

I decided I wanted a pair of mules in January. Nothing like planning early and if you thought that it would have been mission impossible looking for mules in January, you would have been wrong. I happened to perusing the Next Clearance section and they must have thrown in all their sandals from the summer season in on the day that I was looking. So I ordered four pairs and kept one pair. This pair in fact.

Mine are actually cork wedge heeled mules. I thought they were quite comfortable when I got them but today was the first time I tried to walk outside in them. The first thing that sprung to mind? "We Weebles wobble but we don't fall down". 

So they are not the most stable of footwear. They are not footwear to be worn if you have small people under the age of 5 or if there is any requirement to run. Practical they are not. But ... fun they are. And its a different look and sometimes different is good.

Uniqlo Breton, H&M jeans (old), Next Mules (no longer available) but I tried and like these.

As you can see, it was windy today :)


Last Note :

  • The Uniqlo breton is fab value for the money (£12.90) and it's a heavier weight cotton and not too clingy. I sized up to a medium in this one. The one thing to bear in mind is that the boat neck is quite wide. I am thinking of getting one of these to wear with it to make the most of the neckline feature. #saucyminx

I took the scissors to my ASOS baby kick flare jeans. I decided I wasn't feeling the love for them - they weren't me. So I turned them into cropped baby kick flares.

H&M Blouse (no longer available), Jigsaw Alicia Bag, ASOS Baby Kick Flare Jeans, Primark Sandals (old), 

That's better!


Last Note :

  • There's a few ways to chop your jeans down - I'm not brave enough to do the snip and rip yet.  That's a literal make a snip and then rip them. Are you? 

Ah, little white handbag! I see you're going to be an excellent addition to the wardrobe - you get along so nicely with the clothes I already have! Excellent team play!

Gap Oxford Shirt (old), Jack Wills Jeans (old), Mango Sandals (current), Primark Bag (current)

Gap cashmere jumper (old), Jack Wills Jeans (old), Topshop Espadrilles (old), Primark Bag (current)

Jigsaw Jumper (current), Zara Jeans with diy patches (old), Birkenstocks (old), Primark Bag (current)

Not that I should need to justify a £6 white handbag but isn't it nice to realise that you weren't off your rocker when you bought one? 

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone!


Last Note :

  • My black and white espadrilles were bought last year but similar versions are available here and here.

You might not believe this but I've been wanting a white bag for a little while. Honest. And I've looked all over for something suitable and not come up with anything till now. Most that I saw were too big, not the right shape, style or price. And besides, there wasn't much to choose from. But then I came across this little number when I least expected it.

H&M Shirt (old), Zara Jeans (old), White Bag (new and no links)

Makes a refreshing change from the usual black numbers out there doesn't it? I know most of you won't be rushing out to get one but I am peculiarly pleased with my little find especially as it was £6 from Primark because a white bag is not something I want to spend big money on. And for your information, yes I did go through every single one of these bags to ensure I got the best (finished) one. And do you know what else? It bears a good resemblance to this doesn't it? 

Anyway, do you want to know what started me off on a white bag hunt? This actually ....

Source : The Outnet

I already have a red sweatshirt, distressed jeans and white trainers. I was just missing the bag ... till now. 


Last Note : 

  • I have to say, I'm extra pleased that I found a white bag ...without a a bow on it. That would be just a touch too kindergarten chic for me. 

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