I've decided that this is my favourite outfit this summer.

Primark Blouse, H&M Skirt, Park Lane Sandals, The Jacksons Bag

And to my surprise and to yours as well probably, I'm not wearing jeans! I wore this when I went to Scarborough and I felt good walking around in it. When everyone was going round in vest tops and shorts, I was breezing along in this swishing my skirt, feeling like I'd walked out of a Toast lookbook which I was more than a little happy about. I changed the matt silver sandals when I got to the beach for Havaianas and subsequently have the dodgy tan marks to show for it. The top is my old Primark one and is about eight years old and has served me so well. I'm worried that it's day might be up soon as I have worn it so much and am seriously considering thinking about trying to get a copy of it made. Yes I like it that much! And the bag - I'm still using this lots. It's such a good size for throwing  all manner of things in and the handles are long enough to wear on the shoulder. Yes, I was very happy and very comfortable in this outfit.

Even though it makes me look pregnant when a cheeky puff of wind sneaks up your top!

Happy days!

So what's been your favourite outfit this summer? 

I took the above picture just recently and I was thinking what a nice colour palette it was all together - the silvery greys, the black, the whites and the rather striking deep evergreen. And have you noticed how this shade of green is seeping its way through the winter collections? I have. Anyway, I thought I'd put together a little montage to see how this works in a clothes/accessories sense coming in to autumn.

1. This little purse is green, spotty and hairy which sounds pretty awful but is in fact pretty wonderful. Just look at it! 

2. I usually buy a couple of scarves a year and I like the light neutral tones of this Zara one. Besides which, stripes are always good, horizontal or vertical.

3. I love grey cashmere jumpers. I have a few. I don't mind if I have another and Uniqlo's cashmere is competitively priced and easy to look after. 

4. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I've been decorating. I received the new Fresh Fig candle from the White Company and I have to say it looks very nice in my newly painted clean room ;o) It smells lovely - I can detect the berries (cassis), I don't know what figs smell like as I haven't eaten any in a while but there is an underlying "greenness" about the fragrance which I really like as I favour green/clean scents. However, I have yet to light the wick - I'm saving it for September when the nights draw in and it will be interesting to note how cleanly and evenly it burns in due course. 

5. In my world, black jeans equate with winter and blue jeans mean summer. And Topshop's black Jamie jeans are amongst the best out there. I have a pair from a couple of years back which are still going strong.

6. This clutch is a recent addition to So So Towers. I liked the simple clean lines with the distressed silver lower panel just to give it a bit of pizazz. It's not a bad size too - I think I can even fit a pair of going home shoes in there if I wanted to!

7. The Chloe Drew was a bit of hit this year wasn't it for those with a thousand pounds to spare? But fear not, Zara do what they do best and have put out their "take" on this bag for the season ahead. And I'm thinking, well done Zara - strong colour game!

8. Basically, lace up Aquazurra lookalike shoes are here for a bit longer. Does this mean that I should have jumped on this bandwagon a year ago? Probably but I'm glad I didn't because the high street has produced some fab versions at very affordable prices. At the very top end of the high street though, are the Whistles Sida shoes. Being leather rather than suede, these will work nicely going into the wetter months. These are my current favourite pointy version of the ghillie shoes.

9. The American Vintage jackets are a brilliant fit for me and will be perfect when the weather is more "autumn'ish" to sling on over a top for the school run. I can't do a smart blazer but this is perfect for that slightly more dressed down look that I prefer.

10. Now this "slit-sleeve: statement dress is from Forever21 and priced ridiculously low - just £18.  I think I may be a little in love with it - I love the drama but I have nowhere to go in this. Someone buy it and pair it with the Topshop  Nomad shoes  for me will you?

So, I have some of the items above already and usually go for berry shades as an accent for the winter months but this year ... I may be going green. I might start with this! 

With black jeans, a grey scarf and some pretty shoes - autumn here I come!

No. I haven't gone out and splashed out on a pair of Isabel Marant Leo lace up pumps. I'd love to but finances and the fact that they've sold out dictate otherwise. But isn't that a pretty picture up there? 

Anyway, if you have small feet, you could get a pair of these from the children's section in Zara. A little simpler in styling but with a definite nod to the original design :

Or if you don't fit in to them, buy them for your mini-me. If you have one. They will look so cute.

..... make your own.

I had a #widn tag from a fellow Instagrammer @Brumblodwyn who asked me what I was doing and I was actually trimming down a print that I had just created.

I've been up a ladder for the last few days giving a couple of rooms a lick of paint - a bit of a refresh and I decided to change a few of the pics. So scrolling through Pinterest and Etsy, I found some prints I liked but weren't just quite what I wanted. For instance I found a wonderful quote :

on fellow Instagrammer @chloegraceb's Pinterest board (fab source of inspiration). But it was the wrong size and didn't fit the frame I had in mind. So, I took matters in to my own hands and made my own.

  • I found a background that I liked. My free background was available from here.
  • I used a font that I found previously which I liked. Mine is called Mom's Typewriter and is available here.
  • I changed the colours a bit to make it more interesting.
  • Hit print.

And that's it.

So if at first you can't find what you want. Make your own!


Last Note :

  • Commissions now being taken ;o)
  • Back to wearing normal clothes now. Been in decorating dregs for the last three days. #sightforsoreeyes

Well I've done avocados to death to the point that my body now resembles one. And I cannot face any more Greek yogurt and granola either. Time to move on.

And I have - on to some oaty stuff with chia seedy things. My new fad. It doesn't taste bad, looks a bit gluey but it only takes a minute to prepare. I tried it as it was recommended on the packet by just adding hot water to the mix and and it's okay.  If you want something dairy free - this is perfect and if you want it a little a bit tastier, some almond milk or soya milk is good and ramps it up a bit. I know as I tried it like this too. I also threw on some blueberries and then picked them all off again and ate them separately - I'm not a great lover of berries in my cereal - they taste a little "tart". I'm weird like that.

Now if I keep eating this ... I will be bored to death soon - probably by August - so any suggestions out there for some healthy interesting breakfasts with minimal cooking and minimal berry fruits involved would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you from my body in advance  :o)


Last Note :

  • As you can tell, I'm quite faddy about things. I do them to death till I can do them no more.
  • Still can't quit those second breakfasts! The days are long!

Let's have a run out somewhere. It's going to be nice on Saturday. Let's go to ......

.... Scarborough.

That was my suggestion for last Saturday. I follow Margot Barbara's Instagram feed and in one of her posts, she said to try and do something a little different, be a little more adventurous and to tag it with #MBeverydayadventurer. Like taking a different route home, exploring something new, just having a little adventure basically. So I decided to go right instead of left. I chose to go to Scarborough and not Whitby because Whitby I have been to many times and its beautiful and we feel comfortable getting there, where to park up, where to eat and where to wander. Scarborough? Not so much. So I chose to go right towards Scarborough instead of left to Whitby.

I donned the H&M linen cotton skirt I bought recently (seen here) and popped on an old favourite Primark blouse. I could have done shorts, I toyed with culottes, I could have done jeans but a skirt just felt right today. 

And the weather could not have been more perfect and the parking was far cheaper than in Leeds (you hearing me Leeds City Council? £5.50 for 2 hours is outrageous).

I didn't do much and I didn't move much from my sandy spot on the beach but I had a great time sat watching the pirate ship going back and forth ....

I went "aww" at the donkey which had no takers and seemed to have got left behind.

I drank coffee and unknowingly tanned my toes. I now have the white flip flop marks as proof! Gah!

I made The Grumps take a photo of me sat in the deckchair which colour co-ordinated with my outfit ;o)

And I watched the boys run screaming to the sea and then scream louder when they jumped in as it was sooooo COLD!

I smiled indulgently as I watched them cover themselves in as much sand as possible #laundrysgoingtobefun  Note the donkey now has some takers!

And then we had fish and chips. I believe it is the law when you go to the seaside :o)

And finished off with ice-cream. That's another law.

We took pics by a graffiti wall.

And as we headed back to the car, I came across a Storm Trooper who gave me a hug. Which doesn't happen every day you know.

And do you know what? That all came about because I decided to take a right instead of a left :o)

So thank you for the sowing the seed Margot. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my everyday adventure!

.... sorted.

Yes, you read that correctly. I've got myself my winter coat. It's the first week of August and I've done my coat shopping for autumn/winter 2015. Pat on the back for me :o) And an extra pat on the back that I managed to make it a camel one.

Where's it from you may wonder? It's from Primark folks - the last place I expected to find a camel coat. It obviously didn't cost the earth and because of that it's 100% wool free :o)  But despite that, it feels okay, looks okay and I'm happy enough to keep it. I don't imagine the fabric will wear fantastically (time will tell) but wasn't there a lovely looking camel coat from Zara a couple of years ago which cost substantially more and wore substantially badly and suffered from "pill-i-itis? I do believe there was!

And for half the price of the current Topshop offering which coincidentally is also 100% wool free, I think it holds it's own for £25.

Now let me tell you a few things :

  • I'm wearing a size 10, it finishes on my knee and fits comfortably on the shoulders. 
  • The fit is a little slouchy on me which means that it allows for the all important jumper to be worn under it and the bonus is the sleeves are not cut too tight.
  • I will have to alter the sleeves as they are a touch long on me but I've tucked them underneath for the benefit of these pics.
  • It actually has three press stud fastenings. I know you can only see one. I whipped the other's off for a good reason as they finished at the wrong point on me and looked wrong - they made it more obvious that the coat was designed for someone a fraction taller. 
  • To get rid of the marks where the press studs have been, I steamed the fabric to bring up the pile on the fabric where it had previously been flattened. See if you can spot the marks (bet you can't).

  • The material is quite light and soft and consequently, it has a more relaxed feel to it, I can wear this with more casual clothes which I couldn't do with the coat I found from M&S last year (here) which I had to return.
  • This is definitely not a heavy duty keep you warm coat. That's what I have my parka for!

All that aside - it's not a bad little bargain! So nip down quickly to store if you fancy a little camel coat for a not too bad price. Besides which, they will probably be sold out by the second week of August!

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